There’s a nice mood
in a
logo-less home…

an uncluttered aesthetic, a crisp sense of unmediated reality. Suddenly your appliances are just appliances, your kitchen is just a kitchen.


What, after all, is the difference between a shirt that says DC or a bag that says Michael Kors, and a shirt and bag that simply function, proclaiming nothing?

Cleaning up your mental environment is a minor gesture, but a major mindshift. Suddenly, you see how companies are relentlessly trying to turn you into a product. You find yourself caring less about the brand-status game, going less to malls, buying local and indie more often… You realize how you’ve been letting corporations define your identity, instead of defining it for yourself.

Once you have cleared your own mental environment, you can move out of the home and begin un-branding the public sphere.


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It starts as spring cleaning, and it ends with global revolution.

From Field Guide To A New World Order - Pt.2


These zines offer a practical how-to guide to revolutionizing our politics, our communities, and ourselves. Each Field Guide translates one big idea into grassroots action, with personal strategies for navigating the dangerous times ahead.

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