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Mark Zuckerberg says his mission is to “connect… build community… bring the world together”… but underneath his smiley saccharine face lies the ugly truth that Facebook is first and foremost a surveillance company… in fact, it is the biggest surveillance-based enterprise in the history of the world.

It watches every move you make, learning your likes and your dislikes, your preferences and your habits, your fears and your ambitions… and then it monetizes what it knows about you to sell you stuff.

Imagine what will happen when this $450 billion coin drops
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Fuck you, Mark Zuckerberg… you keep playing this coy game… you promote the virtues of openness and information sharing, then slam the door in our faces.

We, the users of Facebook, need to know why we see what we see in our news feeds and search results… we need to know which of our personal behaviors are causing advertisers to target us… so, stop hiding behind your secret algorithms.

open the code
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