The Big Ideas of the 21st Century

God Is One

Religious cults are popping up everywhere . . . dozens of charismatic characters claim to be the new
messiah . . .

Bloody shame (literally bloody) that all the great religions which dominated our spiritual life for thousands of years could not see their reflections in each other . . . hell . . . they all used different metaphors to tell us essentially the same things . . .

how to live a good life, treat others well, live with integrity, keep our word . . .

so why couldn’t these spiritual traditions gel, why did they bully each other to death for 2000 years?

I wonder if this dark age we’re entering into isn’t some kind of existential riddle, a great spiritual test we must live through before we can see the light?

Is there a final secret that will eventually be revealed?


The Big Ideas of the 21st Century - part 1: the Rapture