Look Away!

Advertising preys on you, fucks with your identity, distorts your sexuality, scrambles your beliefs and thwarts any chance you have of living a free, spontaneous life. Every time you peek at your phone, another faceless algorithm is planting a commercial virus in your head.

The first step out of the labyrinth is so simple that it sounds more like a joke than the beginning of a journey toward mental freedom. But here it is: start looking away from ads. Avert your gaze. Treat ads as infotoxins, damaging doses of mind pollution, addictive dopamine brain-rushes that drive you ever closer to a life of anxiety, insecurity, mood disorders and depression.

Two things will happen. First, you will suddenly become conscious of just how many commercial messages are assaulting your mind everyday. And then, if you stick with it, you may begin to experience a strange high, like in meditation, yoga or gardening… a liberating lightheadedness… a surging optimism… a mental glow.

Once you’ve experience this high, you’re on your way… you’ve looked away from the flickering shadows on the cave wall and seen the light at the end of the tunnel… You’ve broken the trance.

From Field Guide To A New World Order - Pt.2


These zines offer a practical how-to guide to revolutionizing our politics, our communities, and ourselves. Each Field Guide translates one big idea into grassroots action, with personal strategies for navigating the dangerous times ahead.

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