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The most important movement of the 21st century will be an

Environmental Movement of the Mind.

a new structure of feeling

We cleanup the toxic areas of our minds, our homes, our cities and the internet… impose a progressive adtax on all advertising in the public space… expose the post-truth architects of clickbait and fake news… abandon ad-infested, deliberately addictive social media… and build a freenet without ads, data mining or tracking… a free world where we reclaim our sense of independent thought and action.

We break the trance, crack the corpo-capitalist mindfuck – and start living again.

From Field Guide To A New World Order - Pt.2


These zines offer a practical how-to guide to revolutionizing our politics, our communities, and ourselves. Each Field Guide translates one big idea into grassroots action, with personal strategies for navigating the dangerous times ahead.

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